F9:Process options

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Journal processing options:

1.Click Launch the correct journal type.

2.Click on the F9: Process icon. The Process the journal options screen is displayed:

3.Select one of the following options:

a)Abbreviation definition -

b)Balance journal  -

c)Delimited file import -

d)Erase journal  -

e)Generate multiple transactions -

Generate multiple transactions - will be replaced with the following in:

Receipts journals - Create receipts -

Payment journals -Vendor balances to date -

f)ListJournal  -

g)Post journal  -

h)Repeating transactions -

i)Change alias (journal name) -

j)Totals for each period -

k)Write delimited file -

l)Reverse journal (D<-->C) -  

m)Posted journals import -

n)Automatic payments -

o)Automatic receipts -

p)Import a posted journal  -

q)Payroll import -

4.Click on the OK button.

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