Delimited file import

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This option allows you to import transactions in a journal from valid Comma Separated Journal or TurboCASH 2.03 Journals file format. To use this feature, you need to have saved transactions in a valid file format.

You will be able to select a valid file (created with the Write delimited file option) from the location saved on your system, and import the transactions into a new journal with the Delimited file import journal  processing option.

To import a delimited file into a journal:

1.On the Action ribbon, selectJournal  entry (F2).

2.Select a Journal type and click on the Open button. The Journal entry transaction screen for the selected Journal type will be displayed.

3.Click on the F9:Process icon. The Process the journal options screen will be displayed.  

4.Select the Delimited file import option, and click on the OK button.

You may right-click on the selected journal on the Journal type selection screen, and select the Delimited file import option on the context menu.

5.The Open screen will be displayed. Select valid Comma Delimited Journals file from the folders on your system.

6.Click on the Open button. All the transactions in the selected, posted journal will be imported into the selected journal.

It is important to check and edit the transactions imported in the journal, before you proceed to balance and post the journal.

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