Totals for each period

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Once you have entered transactions for more than one accounting period in any journal, you may view the totals for each accounting period of the transactions in the journal. This will display the total amount for the debit transactions, as well as the total amount for the credit transactions in each respective accounting period.

To view the totals for each period:

For example, transactions have been entered for more than one accounting period (e.g. December, January and February), in a General journal, it would be displayed as follows:

1.Click on the F9: Process icon. The Process the journal options screen will be displayed.

2.Select the Totals for each period option, and click on the OK button. The Totals for each Period screen is displayed:

3.Check that the totals for the debit transactions are equal to the credit transactions and that the To Balance column is reflecting a zero amount for each Accounting Period.

4.Once finished checking the totals, click on the Close button on the title bar of the Totals for each Period screen or press the Esc key on your keyboard, to exit or close this screen.

Differences in the Amount to Balance column could implicate that the -

Journal is not balanced.

Amounts in the Debit Amount column or the Credit Amount column are entered incorrectly (e.g. 54 as 45, etc.) This option is usually the case if the Amount entry is set to enter both Debit and Credit amounts in the Journal setup Options.

You need to either balance the journal or find and enter the correct amount if an amount was entered incorrectly in the journal.

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