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The following reports have been removed from the Reports  →  General Ledger menu as from TurboCASH4.3.0.1 version. It may be accessed from the Tools → T-Ledger Analyser menu or from the Sidebar T-Ledger Analyser 1 and  T-Ledger Analyser buttons.

1.Cost Group 1 -

2.Cost Group 2 -

3.T-Ledger Analyser -

This option allows you to generate eight standard reports from your General Ledger to evaluate and manage your business. General Ledger Reports are those reports, which report on the overall account balances and / or transactions in a Set of Books. TurboCASH stores transactions and balances for up to two years. The General Ledger Reports consist mainly of the following types of reports:

1.General Ledger Master Files - Chart of Accounts - The details of the accounts master files (Bank Account, General Ledger and Tax Accounts) as created and set in the Edit → Accounts menu is used to structure your financial reports.

2.Financial Reports - Budget Performance, General Ledger Account Movements and Cash Flow Reports allow you to view and manage the account balances in the general ledger. Transaction Reports is a register of all the transactions in the general ledger. The General Ledger Transaction Report only reports on the control accounts for the Subsidiary Ledgers (Creditors, Debtors and Stock items). TurboCASH provides a range of reports to view and manage each of these Subsidiary Ledgers (Creditors, Debtors and Stock Items).

3.Financial Statements - These reports display balances on the General Ledger Accounts.

a)Trial Balance lists all account balances (Income, Expense, Capital, Assets and Liabilities).

b)Income Statement lists only the balances for Income and Expense accounts.

c)Balance Sheet lists only the balances for the Capital, Assets and Liability accounts.

Additional general ledger reports have been developed in Reportman. In addition to the standard reports, the following reports may be generated from the Reports → Reportman → General Ledger menu:

Reportman Graphs - Financial Categories and Account Group 1 Graphs.

Reportman General Ledger Transactions - General Ledger Transactions.

Reportman Trial Balance - Last Year or This Year.

You may also view the following reports in the Tools → T-Account Analyser menu:

Trial Balance 

Balance Sheet 

Income Statement 

To Access the Tools  → Old Reports → General Ledger Menu: 

1.Click on the Tools  → Old Reports → General Ledger menu.

A list of the eight (8) reports will be displayed. The available shortcut keys to access the options from your keyboard are indicated next to the menu option.

2.Select any of the reports. The Report Options screen for the selected report will be displayed on which you may select the ranges and the options to include in your reports.

a)Budget Performance - If budgets are entered correctly in the Edit → Accounts menu. TurboCASH is able to display the actual expenditure and income against the Budgeted figures. This will give you an indication of how your business is performing.

b)Chart of Accounts - This report will list all your available General Ledger Accounts. The Account number, description and type of Account, as well as the Reporting Categories you have selected for each of those Accounts will be displayed.

c)Cash Flow - This report will display a summary for each of your accounts of the monies received in or paid out of your bank accounts or selected bank accounts for the selected periods. The summary of petty cash replenishments and payments out of your petty cash will also be displayed, if the petty cash accounts are selected. This report may be generated for this year and last year and may be generated for up to six periods in the past from the period selected.

d)Transactions - This report will display all the updated (posted) transactions to your Ledger Accounts for a selected period. TurboCASH stores the General Ledger Account balances and transactions for this year and last year. Therefore a ledger is immediately accessible for up to two years, if so required. This report is also a register of all the transactions generated in the course of your normal business activities.

e)Movements - Each General Ledger Account can show trends as to how your business is doing. This displays the movements in the account balances for the selected account or accounts.

f)Trial Balance - This report will list all the debit and credit balances of the Accounts contained in TurboCASH (including Income Statement and Balance Sheet account types) for a selected, or as at a specified period. This is used to test the arithmetical accuracy of your accounts in the double entry system. If generated, the trial balance can show you the profit and loss figures, budget performance (if entered) or last year's figures as comparative figures.

g)Income Statement - This report will list all the balances of your accounts, which is created as an Income / Expense type in the Edit → Accounts menu and will reflect your net profit or loss.

h)Balance Sheet - This report will list all the balances of your accounts, which is not created as an Income / Expense type in the Edit → Accounts menu. This report will reflect the owners' interest, in the business as well as all Liabilities and Assets.

When you click on the OK button of all the General Ledger Report Options screens, except the Chart of Accounts Report Options screen, TurboCASH will check for unposted items and display the number of unposted Batches and Documents. You may select to view the details of the unposted Batches and Documents.

These unposted batches and documents contain transactions, which will NOT be included in your reports.

You may turn this facility off in the Setup → Preferences →System parameters  menu.

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