T-Ledger Analyser - Balance Sheet

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This will list all accounts in the chart of accounts reported only in the  Balance Sheet.

 Balance Sheet - Assets, Liabilities and Capital. It includes the following account types, i.e.:

 Bank Accounts

 Tax Accounts

 Retained Earnings / Income.

 Creditor's Control Account.

 Debtor's Control Account.

An example of the Balance Sheet - No Group report type, in the T-Ledger Analyser screen is displayed as follows:

If you have created two (2) Reporting Groups (in the Setup → System parameters → Groups menu), you may have different views of your data. For example the Group options:

None - Lists all accounts according to account code.

Reporting Group 1 - List all accounts according to the reporting group (e.g. Capital + Current Liabilities + Fixed Assets + Current Assets)

Reporting Group 2 - List all accounts according to the reporting group (e.g. Fixed Assets + Current Assets + Capital + Current Liabilities)

To change your view of the Accounting Groups , select the groups and use the Move up and Move down buttons to change the sequence.

This will determine the sequence in which your Groups are listed on the Edit → Accounts and on the Tools → T-Ledger Analyser is displayed, when Reporting Group 1 or Reporting Group 2 is selected.

Debits = Credits.

Income - Expenses = Profit / Loss.

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