Various reports may be printed on the Reports menu. On the Ledger analyser, you may print and export financial reports and column balances to spreadsheets. You may also filter, print and export transactions in the  T-Account viewer .  The powerful Report designer allows you to customise and design your own reports and document layout files. In addition to these reports, you may explore and add your own custom reports in the User reports menu.

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Various reports may be printed and exported to spreadsheets as follows: 

Ledger analyser  - Financial reports - Trial balance, Income Statement, Balance sheet, Standard column balances, Budget listing, Budget vs actual, This year vs last year. In addition to this, you may also view ledger, debtor and creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts in column balances which may be exported to a spreadsheet. 

T-Account viewer - View and print transactions for selected accounts, groups, etc. using the "Show details" context-menu.

Reports menu - Print standard reports for the Ledger, Debtors, Creditors, Stock items, Documents, Sales, Sales analysis, Purchases, Purchase analysis, Tax reports, etc.

User reports menu - Explore some user reports, add your custom reports added in the Report designer in the User reports menu.