The User reports menu lists the older and reports used in the development of TurboCASH4. TurboCASH4 - User reports menu

These user reports are stored in the  

These reports are stored in the userreports folder. Users are encouraged to create and / or edit existing reports, but it is recommended that these be copied and stored in the ...\plug_ins\reports\userreports\ folder.

These reports may be explored and edited with the Report designer

You may add your own reports in the ...\plug_ins\reports\userreports\ folder. 

To structure your own reports, you may create a menu by adding your own folder within the User reports folder. 

Adding another folder inside your own folder will create a sub-menu.

If you create or edit layout files to print Invoices, Credit notes, Quotes, Delivery notes, Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders, you need to add your layout files in the  ...\plug_ins\reports\DOCUMENTS\DOCUMENTS folder.