T-Account Viewer

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To Access the T-Account Viewer: 

1.Click on the Tools  →  T-Account Viewer menu.

The T-Account Viewer screen is displayed:

2.Select the following options:

a)Account - Select the Account on the Lookup.

b)From Date and To Date - Enter or select the dates on the date picker.  For example, if the Bank Account is selected, it will display as follows:

Each time you access the T-Account Viewer from the T-Ledger Analyser, it will create a shortcut button (numerical). You may then click on any of the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 buttons, etc. to view your previous T-Account Viewer selections.

These Shortcuts will only be cleared if you:

Close and Re-open the Set of Books

Close Active Forms (on the Tools menu)

3.The From Date and To Date fields will automatically be filled in with the date selected on the T-Ledger Analyser Report options. It will only include transactions for these dates. You may enter or select any other dates, if necessary.

If you have selected the Column Balances report types, and you click on the period columns, the dates for the selected period column will automatically be selected.

4.You may also use the following options to get specific views of transactions:

a)Batch Number (e.g. 24 generated by TurboCASH). This will list only the transactions for a specific batch (journal).

b)Account Code (e.g. B810000 Current Bank account, G610010 Furniture and Fittings @ Cost, G210010 Fuel & Oil, G720000 Petty Cash, G220000 Rent, G225000 Salaries and Wages, T850020 Input Tax Standard Rate, T850030 Input Tax Capital Goods). This will list the transactions for a specific account.

c)Date  This will list the transactions for a specific date. If you double-click on a date, the From Date and To Date will be changed to the selected date.

5.Once finished, click on the Close button to exit (close) the T-Account Viewer screen.

The T-Account Viewer may also be accessed from the Tools → Search menu - Once an account is listed, and selected, double-click on it.

If the T-Account Viewer is accessed from the Tools → T-Account Viewer menu, you may select an account on the Accounts Lookup.

The T-Account Viewer screen may be launched from the following options:

1.T-Ledger Analyser - Select the Account on the  (Right-click and select Show Details option (or double-click).

2.Search - Investigator - Accounts

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