There are six (6) report types, which may be selected (i.e. Trial balance, Income statement, Balance sheet, Standard column balances, Budget vs actual and This year vs last year) which may be generated in the Ledger analyser and exported to spreadsheets. 

When printing reports on the Ledger analyser, it is recommended that the Export button are used to export the reports as a Comma Separated Values (*.csv) file, instead of saving it as a meta file form the "Reportman print preview" screen ( “Save Metafile As” option. 

To create a Ledger - Export report: 

1.On the Sidebar, select Ledger analyser 1 or Ledger analyser 2. (Tools → Ledger analyser menu). 

2.Select the report type.  Once finished, selecting your options, click on the Report button to build, update or refresh the data for the selected report type on the Ledger analyser screen. 

3.Click on the Export button. This will launch the "Save as" screen.


4.Select the folder in which you wish to save the file.

5.The default file name will be "Export.txt". Overtype this with your own, if necessary.

 If you do not enter and save the Export.txt file name, you may replace existing (previously exported) files. 

Of an existing exported file is opened, and you are trying to save a export file with the same name, a similar error message as the following will be displayed:

Cannot create file "D:\TCASH4\Backups\output\Export.txt". The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. 

6.Click on the Save button. This will automatically open (launch) the file in the program associated with the Comma Separated Value file type (e.g. Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, OpenOffice Calc, Ultra Office, etc.). 

To open the Exported CSV ledger Export.txt file in a Comma Separated Value (*.csv) file format: 

You may also open the exported file using Windows Explorer (or your File Browser program) with another program. 

If the file is not launched automatically in a spreadsheet program; or the incorrect program, you may change this. To do this; you need to: 

Select the saved *.csv file. 

Right-click on it and select the Open with option on your system's context-menu. 

If your program is not listed as one of the Recommended programs on your system's context-menu, select the Choose Default Program... option. On this screen, select your default program (e.g. Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, OpenOffice Calc, Ultra Office, etc.). You may need to click on the Browse button to do this. 

Make sure that the Always use the selected program to open this kind of file option is selected (ticked), and click on the OK button. 

1.The "Text Import – [Your File name]" screen will be displayed.

The first few rows (more or less 6 rows) consists of the report parameters. This is your selection on the Ledger analyser before clicking on the Report and Export buttons. 

2.Select the Separator options as “Separated by” as well as select (tick) the "Tab" and "Comma" options; if necessary.

"Space" field must not be selected (ticked). If the "Space" option is selected, the spaces in account names will add extra columns. For example Cost of sales will be added in 3 columns in stead of 1 column.

3.Click on the OK button. The data will be imported into a comma separated file (*.csv) file.