This menu allows you to access various utilities and plugins / extensions.

You may also perform the global processes in a Set of Books to perform year-end procedures and to clear or reset the transactions and balances. The global processes should only be performed under certain circumstances.

To access the Tools menu: 

1.Click on the Tools menu.  A list of the nineteen (19) menu options will be displayed.

2.Select one of the available options: 

TurboCASH4 - Tools menu

a)Old Reports - These reports are not supported. You need to print reports from the Reports menu.

b)Calculator - Launches the calculator.

c)Global processes - Clear or reset the transactions and balances, perform year-end procedures, reverse the transactions in posted batches (journals) and documents and copy the data from a selected Set of Books.

d)Search - Helps you search and / or filter for specific data.

e)Report designer - Design you own reports and layout files for documents from TurboCASH4 data.

f)Ledger analyser - View and Export  the Trial balance, Income statement, Balance sheet, Column balances for the ledger, Debtors, Creditors, etc.

g)T-Account viewer - View the accounts in the traditional T-Account format.

h)Open item link – Manage links for accounts (i.e. General ledger, Debtors and Creditors) set as open item accounts. You may also select to receive or make a payment.

i)Export - Export data to a file - documents, accounts, debtors, creditors, stock items and posted batches.

j)Import - Import data from a file - documents, accounts, debtors, creditors and stock items.

k)Data integrity check - Check the integrity of the data for selected Set of Books.

l)Script engine - Launches the Pascal Script Engine.

m)Customise language - Customise the labels of the program.

n)Show / hide sidebar - If you hide the Sidebar,  you need to access the Creditors, Debtors and Stock from the Edit menu, The Calendar and Documents from the Input menu. The Ledger analyser may then be accessed from the Tools → Ledger analyser or the Reports → Ledger analyser menus.

o)Show / hide topbar - If you hide the Topbar, you need to use the menu system to access the functions in TurboCASH4.

p)Close active forms - This will close any open or active forms (i.e. Edit Debtors / Edit Creditors / Edit stock items / or Documents.

q)Plugins – Access available plugins / extensions to the TurboCASH4 program.

Most of these plugins are licensed under commercial licenses. You need to purchase a license on which a registration code and instructions will be mailed to you to unlock the full features of these plugins. Multi-User and Plugins need to be registered in the Tools → Plugins → Tools → Register plugins menu.

HandyTools is a free Plugin to set the colour conditions for documents. Other options in the HandyTools should only be used by advanced users. A range of other plugins are also available.