TurboCASH4 Program

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The TurboCASH program is easy to use with a user-friendly graphical interface. When launching TurboCASH for the first time, the TurboCASH program will be displayed in the language selected when TurboCASH is launched for the first time.

For the purposes of this documentation, the images (screenshots) are displayed in the default English language.

Most of the program options can be easily accessed by one or more mouse-clicks or by pressing a few buttons on the keyboard.

TurboCASH offers many features and options. To enhance your effectiveness and efficiency to perform your tasks in the program, it is important that you can access the required options as quickly and effortlessly as possible. The TurboCASH program screen will be briefly discussed:  

The intelligent design of the TurboCASH user-interface (UI) offers you different options, which displays information and / or allows you to access the different features and options:

1.Title bar  Displays the Version of the TurboCASH program, the registered user's name (if the program is registered) and the user logged into the Set of Books (if passwords were setup in the Setup  →  System parameters  →  Access Control menu).

2.Menubar  Access the functions, features and utilities via seven (7) main menus. Some menu items contains sub-menus. The main menus are File, Edit, Input, Reports, Setup, Tools and Help.

3.Topbar (Speed Toolbar)  Access the seven (7) important functions by clicking on the icons. These icons are;  Open, Backup/Restore, Batch Entry, Invoice, Reconciliation, Open Item Link, Search. In addition to these, the Register icon will also be displayed until your TurboCASH4 is registered.

4.Sidebar - Access to seven (7) buttons to access and manage the main features in TurboCASH. These are; Default, Debtor, Creditor, Stock Items, Calendar, Documents and the T-Ledger Analyser.

5.Status bar - The Name of the opened (active) Set of Books will be displayed in the fourth section. In the fifth (last) section a numerical value will be displayed. In the last section of the Statusbar, the full path of the opened Set of Books is displayed.

In addition to these menu options, you may use various shortcut keys on your keyboard to navigate and access the various options in the TurboCASH program.

Most of these program options are only accessible if a valid Set of Books are opened. If no Set of Books are opened, most of the functions and features will be inactive (disabled):

1.Menubar -

oActive - File, Tools (only certain functions) and Help menu.

oInactive - Edit, Input, Reports and Setup.

2.Topbar (Speed Toolbar) -

oActive - Open and Backup / Restore icons.

oInactive - Batch Entry, Invoice, Reconciliation, Open Item Link and Search.

3.Sidebar (Quick Menu) -

oActive - Default (i.e. Bug Report, Wiki, Help and Forum).

oInactive - Debtor, Creditor, Stock Items, Calendar, Documents and T-Ledger Viewer.

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