This option allows you to select the paper type, size and any message that you may wish to appear on your statements.

This option allows you to select the paper type on which your statements will be printed. You may also enter any standard message which you would like to be printed on the Statements you send to your debtors, and select to print it or not. The printing options, i.e. print frames and / or the logo instead of the company address on statements may also be selected. 

To setup statements: 

1.Click on the Setup → System parameters → Statements menu. The "Statement setup" screen is displayed:

TurboCASH4 - Statement setup

2.Select the Paper type from the drop-down list (Pre-printed, Plain A4, Service, Plain eyeline, Forty and Till slip).

3.Enter a Statement message of up to 3 lines of 30 characters each, which is to be displayed as a standard message on Statements. You also need to select the "Statement message" field (tick box), if you do wish to display this message on the Statements.

4.If you intend to use plain paper (not pre-printed paper), you may select the "Print frames" field (tick box). This will print frames for the various areas on the Statements.

5.If you have loaded your Company logo in the options screen of the Setup → System parameters → Company info menu, select the "Print logo" field (tick box) to print your Company logo on the Statements.

6.Click the OK button. The changes of the selected options and the message will be saved. If you click on the Cancel button, this screen will be exited or closed without saving any changes.

Click on the Page setup button, if you wish to set the Paper setup for Dot-matrix printers.