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This menu option lists all the options to enter the basic information and to set the parameters for a Set of Books. It is important to set these parameters correctly, before you start to create or edit any accounts, or to start to process transactions in a Set of Books. Once this is done, you may need to access certain menu options from time to time.

To Access the Setup → System parameters Menu: 

1.Click on the Setup →System parameters  menu. A list of the twelve (12) menu options on the Setup → System parameters  menu will be displayed. The available short cut keys to access the options from your keyboard are indicated next to the menu option.

2.Select one of the available options:

a)Access Control - Set the passwords, users and access to certain menus for each of your users.

b)Batch Types - Create or delete batch types or journals in which you wish to enter the transactions.

c)Company Information - Enter the company information (name, address telephone, fax numbers e-mail address) and registration numbers for the Company and VAT/GST/Sales Tax, if applicable.

You also need to set the default tax method and output method for reports (to screen, printer, file, e-mail or fax).

Load your logo or picture, which you wish to be displayed on the documents.

Set the default currency format and date format in your Windows Operating System.

d)Documents - Set the defaults for documents, such as the numbers, batch types, headings and messages and document layout files. Set the page and margin size of paper used on for Dot-Matrix Printers.

e)Financial Categories - Link your Ledger Account Groups to Assets, Capital, Expenses, Income or Liabilities.

f)Groups - Set up to 2 Groups for ledger Accounts, Debtors, Creditors, Stock Items and Documents for generating reports.

g)Internet - Configure your Internet, e-mail accounts to send reports, lists and documents via the internet or to configure a network server.

h)Point-of-Sale - Set the Point-of-Sale parameters, configure printers, peripherals, etc.

i)Reporting Dates - Set the start date of your financial year and the periods in a financial year. You may also close a specific period for posting transactions to the ledger.

j)Salespersons - Add or remove any salespersons, which will be selling your stock items or cashiers operating Point-of-Sale.

k)Statements - Select the paper type and enter any messages to be displayed on Statements you wish to send to your debtors.

l)Stock Information - Add or delete the units in which you wish to sell stock items and define up to 3 selling price descriptions. You may also set the parameters for Cost of Sales (account, batch type, whether you will be using average or latest cost). This also contains various settings when processing documents.

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