This menu allows you to configure TurboCASH4 to suit your specific requirements. This menu is the second option you need to set or confirm the defaults when you set up a Set of Books.

There are two basic items on this menu, i.e. Preferences and System parameters. It is important to set certain preferences and the parameters up correctly, before you start to create or edit any accounts and start to process transactions in a Set of Books. Once this is done you may only need to access certain menu options from time to time.  

To access the Setup menu: 

1.Click on the Setup menu. A list of the two (2) menu options on the Setup menu will be displayed.

TurboCASH4 Setup menu

2.Select one of the available options: 

a)Preferences - This menu will list the preferential options to set your backup path, printer, data parameters and to select the themes.

b)System parameters - This menu option lists all the options in which you need to enter and set the necessary settings, which is essential to a Set of Books. Some of the options listed may be optional, and others need to be set correctly to suit your requirements.