This menu option lists all the preferential settings for the backup path, fonts, printer, data parameters, labels (debtor, creditor and stock item labels). You may also select the colour and a background picture, which will be displayed, in your TurboCASH4 program to make your working environment more pleasant.

To access the Setup → Preferences menu: 

1.Click on the Setup → Preferences menu. A list of the four (4) menu options on the Setup menu will be displayed.

TurboCASH4 Setup - Preferences menu

2.Select one of the available options: 

a)Backup path - Set the default backup drive and folders on your system on which you wish to create backup files or disks.

b)System parameters - Select the indicators for debit and credit, number of decimals to be displayed on reports and documents as well as the number of decimals to be stored. You may also specify the symbol for large numbers (e.g. 1000 to be displayed as 1,000 if a comma is specified) and / or select to display the default system currency symbol. If you are generating documents, (invoices, credit notes, quotes, purchases, supplier returns and orders for your stock items, you may specify the number of documents to be printed. Select 1 of 2 methods for reconciling bank statements with the transactions in your cashbook (receipts and payments batches).

c)Printer - Select the default printer on which reports and documents are printed.

d)Theme - Select one of 15 themes or background pictures to be displayed in the program. You may also add your own favourite background pictures.

Discontinued Menus:

a)Fonts - Set the default fonts in which you wish the reports and documents to be displayed.

b)Colours – The default colours for the topbar and sidebar are fixed in the themes.

c)Define labels - Define labels for creditors, debtors and stock items.