You may choose between several themes from the Theme menu (currently about 18). Experiment by selecting different themes until you find the one you like. These themes are background pictures, which may make your program more colourful and pleasant to look at. For most of these themes, the icons on your speed buttons will also change to blend with the selected theme. The selected theme is displayed every time you open a Set of Books in which that theme is selected. 

If another Set of Books is opened, the theme that was selected in that Set of Books is displayed. If you choose Random, a new picture of the available pictures will appear on your screen each time you create a new invoice or open a batch. 

The “Material” theme is used for screen captures in this documentation.

You may change the default Background1.jpg with your own image (photo, logo, products), etc.

To select a Theme: 

1.Click on the Setup → Preferences → Themes menu and select the colour of your choice.

TurboCASH4 - Themes

2.Select the background picture you like the best. The program will display the selected background picture and its matching icon set.