This option allows you to select / set the default drive and /or folders on which you wish to make your Backups. This is normally your A: Drive (in older machines), but you could also make backups in any available folder or directory on your hard drive, removable hard disk, CD-R, CD-R/W, USB removable device. 

Other Backup options:

1.Change backup folder - The default backup drive and / or folders may be changed when selecting the "Backup to" field on the File → Backup / Restore Set of Books menu. A similar screen, "Browse for Folder" will be displayed.

2.Backups folder - The “Backups” folder have been included in the TCASH4 installation directory for your convenience. You may create all your backup files to that directory (e.g. C:/TCASH4/Backups). 

Please remember to copy backup files in this folder on external media and store it in a safe place. 

3.Auto-Backup feature - The Auto-Backup feature have also been added to automatically create backup files when you exit TurboCASH4.

By default the Auto Backup feature is not activated. See Backups for more information to enable / disable this feature.

To set the default Backup path: 

1.Click on the Setup → Preferences → Backup path menu. The Browse for Folder screen is displayed: 

TurboCASH4 - Select backup target folder

2.Select any available valid drive or folder on which you wish to make backups.

3.Click on the OK button.

If you have selected a valid drive or folder, you may change this backup path on the "Backup to" field of the Backup Set of Books screen.