The "Budget" option, if selected, will list only the budget figures (Budget listing) in the Trial balance, Income statement, Balance sheet and Standard column balances report types. 

To view and analyse budget listing:

1.Select Ledger analyser or Ledger analyser 2

2.Select the "Trial balance" or, "Income statement" or the "Balance sheet" report type.

In this example, the "Income statement" report type is selected, since the Budget figures were entered for the Income and Expense accounts only.

If the "Balance sheet" report type is selected, it will exclude the Budget figures entered for the Income and Expense accounts. 

3.Select the “Budget” option (tick). 

TurboCASH4 Income statement budget listing

4.Select the period on the Per period tabs. You may click on the Free selection tab to select a specific date or a range of dates to include budget figures in the report. 

5.Click on the Report button to refresh and generate the budget figures.

6.Click on the Print button. 

An example of the Budget listing in the "Income statement", is as follows:

TurboCASH4 Income statement budget listing printed

If any of these budget figures need some adjustment, go to Edit → Accounts; select the applicable accounts and edit or enter the figures as necessary.