You may enter budget figures for specific dates and / or periods. For example, if you need to budget 5000.00 for a special event, on 31 May 2021 - extra sales for a special promotion sale, you may add that. 

To enter budget figures for special events:

1.On the Edit menu, select Accounts. TurboCASH4 Budget for special events

2.Select the “Sales” account. On the Budget tab, click on the TurboCASH4 Add record button to create a new record.

3.The system date will automatically be displayed. Enter or select the date (i.e. “2015/05/31”) for the special event.

4.Enter the amount for the  budget (i.e. “–5000” ) in die “Amount” column.

5.Enter the reference (e.g. “Sale” ) in the “Reference” column.

6.Enter the description (e.g. “Special promotion” ) in die “Description” column.

7.Click on the TurboCASH4 Save record button to save the new budget for “2016/05/31”.

8.Click on the Save button.

If you do not click on the Save button, any budget figures entered, or changed, will not be saved.