To enter / change your Budget figures:

1.On the Edit menu, select Accounts

2.Select the account to enter the budget figures.

TurboCASH4 Enter budget

3.Select the first account, i.e. “Sales” and enter the budget figure. Enter the annual amount of 120 000 in the “Total amount" field and click on the Set period budget button. 

The – sign will transfer the amounts to the credit column. 

For a debit amount just insert the annual amount without the ““. The amount will automatically be divided this amount into 12 months in the debit or credit fields, depending on whether a “–“ or Credit sign have been entered in the "Total amount" field. 

Each month can be overwritten so that the budget can be flexed month by month to accommodate seasonal trends and spending patterns of your business. The system will keep a running total for you, so that as you are flexing the monthly budget, you can see the effect on the annual amount.   

Budget figures can also be entered for for Balance sheet accounts (Capital, Liabilities and Assets), which may be used as a guideline to control the balances on these accounts.

3.Click on the Save button (next to the account description field). 

If you do not click on the Save button, any budget figures entered, or changed, will not be saved. 

4.Select the next account and enter the budget figure. 

5.Continue on your own using the budget on the previous page until you have completed entering your budget figures. 

6.When you are finished entering all your budget figures, click on the Close button (on the titlebar).