The Start ribbon is used to manage your sets of books, registration and language.


The following ten (10) options are available:

1.Open - Open a Set of Books.  

2.Register - Register the TurboCASH5 Program. Once you have registered TurboCASH5, and you restart the TurboCASH5 program, it will be removed from the Start ribbon bar.

3.Backup / Restore - Create a backup file of your Set of Books. You may also restore the Set of Books from a valid backup file.

4.Delete Set of Books - This option is used to permanently delete a Set of Books.

5.Create Set of Books - This option is used to create a Set of Books.

6.Save as - This option is used to save an exact copy of the Set of Books. 

7.Switch language - The TurboCASH5 program will by default use the language selected after installing TurboCASH5. You may select a different language.  

8.Close Set of Books - The opened Set of Books will be closed. All other ribbon tabs will not be accessible. 

9.Exit TurboCASH - This will close the Set of Books and Exit the TurboCASH5 program.

10.Online registration - This will launch the "Register your TurboCASH" screen yo enter your serial and unlocking codes. You may also click on the Get it online button to launch the Online registration form.