Bug - Budgets

1.Tools → Old Reports → General ledger →Trial balance  - Budget figures does not print.

2.Tools → Old Reports → General ledger →Income statement  - Budget figures does not print.

3.Tools → Old Reports → User Report - Budget figures does not print.

4.Tools → Old Reports → General ledger → Budget Performance - Budget figures for the year includes an extra month's budget figure. For example, it the total budget figure is entered as 120000 (10000 x12), the total is displayed as 130000 (13 periods) instead of 120000 (12 periods). The budget report on the T-Account viewer is displayed correctly.

Any of your available User reports may be printed when necessary. 

When you click on the OK button of the User Report options screens, TurboCASH4 will check for unposted items, and display the number of unposted Batches and Documents. You may select to view the details of the unposted Batches and Documents.

These unposted batches and documents contain transactions which will NOT be included in your reports. 

You may turn this facility off in the Setup → Preferences →System parameters  menu. 

The amounts which are displayed in < >, indicates a credit or negative figure. You may change this negative amount indicator to a minus sign (-), to prefix your amounts, or set it to display a D (for Debit), or a C (for Credit) in the Setup → Preferences → System parameters  menu. 

To print a user or custom report: 

1.Click on the ToolsOld Reports → User reports menu. 

TurboCASH4 Report writer print select report

2.Select the user report.

3.Select the following options:

a)Send report to - Select the output method (screen, printer, file, e-mail or fax).

b)Date of report - Select the date until which you wish to include the details or totals to be included.

c)Copies - The number of copies may only be selected if the Send to printer option is selected.

d)Printer setup - You may select any available printer on your system to generate the report.

4.Click on the OK button. All the columns and rows will automatically be calculated. The report will be sent to the medium selected in the "Send report to" field.

View a printed user report 

An example of the "Income and Expenses Report", created in the Tools → Old Reports → User reports menu, is as follows: 
TurboCASH4 Report writer printed