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The Investigator allows you to search for data in an open Set of Books. To search or locate data, you may enter a valid word or phrase to search for an item. This facility also allows you to define, or refine, or filter the search criteria, and select to view the details for a selected search result.

SERIAL TRACKING - If you have entered a serial number of a product (stock item) as a comment on your sales documents (Invoices, Credit Notes and / or Quotes) and / or on Purchase documents (Purchase and Supplier Returns documents and / or Orders), you may enter the serial number in the Search For: field.

If you click on the Search Now button, the Documents will be listed. You may then double-click on the selected document to preview the document.

To Search for Data Using the Investigator: 

1.Click on the Search icon on the topbar. Alternatively, click on the Tools → Search menu.

Ctrl + F3

The Investigator screen is displayed:

2.Enter a word or phrase to search for specific data. To filter the data, you may also select to include everything or documents, batches, stock information, account names and / or account information.

3.Click on the Search Now button or on the F3:Search icon. The number of items found (which matches the search criteria) will be displayed, and each of the items found will be listed.

4.Select an item from the search results list and click on the F4:Details icon to view and / or to analyse the details of the selected search result.

5.To close or exit this screen, click on the Close button on the title bar.

Further Search Options are available to select from. If you click on the More >> link, the Advanced Options will be available in which the limit for the number of records found may be set.

To refine or filter the search criteria, you may click on the Refine Search link.

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