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Stock Reports are those reports, which you may generate to view and manage your individual Stock Item records. Each of the Stock Item records is kept in the Subsidiary Ledger or the Stock Ledger. The total outstanding amount (or value) of the individual Stock Item records is reflected in the Stock Control Account in the General Ledger. This option allows you to generate six standard reports on your Stock Items to evaluate and manage the Stock Items in your business.

To Access the Tools  → Old Reports → Stock Menu: 

1.Click on the Tools  → Old Reports → Stock menu.

A list of the six (6) reports will be displayed. The available shortcut keys to access the options from your keyboard are indicated next to the menu option.

2.Select any of the reports. The Report Options screen for the selected report will be displayed on which you may select the ranges and the options to include in your reports.

a)Activity - This option allows you to view the activity of your Stock Items as at a specific date.

b)Backorder - TurboCASH keeps a list of these Stock Items for Orders that could not be fulfilled. The details may be retrieved from TurboCASH in the Backorder list so as not to lose any orders that were not fulfilled.

c)Movement Summary - This report will reflect the movement of the value of transactions and Stock Items for a selected period.

d)Print Labels - This option allows you to print labels, which you have already defined for your Stock Items.

You need to have defined the labels in the Setup → Preferences → Define Labels menu.

e)Reorder - This option allows you to view the reorder levels of your Stock Items as at a specific date.

f)Stock Item Listing - This option lists the code, description, quantity, cost price, selling price and total value.

When you click on the OK button of all the Stock Item Report Options screens, TurboCASH will check for unposted items and display the number of unposted Batches and Documents. You may select to view the details of the unposted Batches and Documents.

These unposted batches and documents contain transactions, which will NOT be included in your reports.

You may turn this facility off in the Setup → Preferences →System parameters  menu.

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