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The Sales by Product report (Tools → Old Reports → Sales Analysis → Customer by Salesperson menu) only includes the default stock item type. It does not include any other stock item types (e.g. ten (10) stock item types i.e. Sales, Sales (No Stock), Purchases, Purchases (No Stock), Financial Entry, Option Item, Option Item (No Stock), BOM (Bills of Materials), BOM (Production), Linked Sale).


The Customer by Salesperson report (Tools → Old Reports → Sales Analysis → Customer by Salesperson menu) shows 0 for amounts / quantities and SELL=0 in the Gross Profit % columns for Credit Notes.

This option allows you to view and analyse your sales to your debtors (customers) by Salespersons. This report may be retrieved on a summarised level to see the totals for each Customer and to analyse the Salespersons sales for all your debtors (customers). You may also view the details of details of each debtor (customer) for each of your Salespersons.

This report summarises or lists all the Invoices, Point-of-Sale Invoices and Credit Notes issued by each salesperson within a selected period or range of dates. You will be able to analyse the sales invoice totals and credit note totals, and the net total, for debtor accounts by the salespersons or a selected salesperson.

Print Customer by Salesperson Reports

To Generate a Customer by Salesperson Report: 

1.Click on the Tools  → Old Reports → Sales Analysis → Customer by Salesperson menu.

The Customer by Salesperson Options screen is displayed:

2.Send Report To - Select the output method (screen, printer, file, e-mail or fax).

3.Select the following options:

a)Salesperson - Select to list the all your Salespersons or a specific Salesperson.

b)Show Details - If this field is left blank, you will view the totals of your Sales for each of your Salespersons.

If this field is selected, the detail of the debtors (customers) (the Account Number and Account Description), as well as the Gross Profit percentage will be displayed for each individual Salesperson. The total for each for each Salesperson, as well as a grand total of your sales, will be displayed.

c)From ... To - Select the start and end date to include in this report.

4.Click on the OK button to send the report to the medium selected in the Send Report to field.

View Customer by Salesperson Reports

An example of the Customer by Salesperson report, reflecting the details, is:

This report consists of seven (7) columns, reflecting the following information, for the Salespersons:

1.Salesperson Name - The name of the selected salesperson or the names of all the salespersons.

2.Account Number - The Debtor (Customer) Account Code or Number for the Debtors for whom an Invoice or Credit Note was generated by a Salesperson.

3.Account Description - The description or name of the Debtor (Customer) Account.

4.Net Sales Amount - This is the total amount of the selected selling prices (selling price 1 /2 / 3) for all the selected stock items on the Invoice, Point-of-Sale Invoice or Credit Note.

5.Net Cost Amount - The total cost price (average or latest cost) for all the selected stock items on the Invoice, Point-of-Sale Invoice or Credit Note.

6.Gross Profit - This is the difference between the Net Sales Amount and the Net Cost Amount.

7.Gross Profit % - The percentage of the Gross Profit for the Invoice, Point-of-Sale Invoice or Credit Note.

These amounts or totals are exclusive of VAT/GST/Sales Tax.

Totals will be displayed for each of the Salespersons, and a grand total for all the Salespersons included in this report.

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