The Creditor remittance advise - Outstanding will print only the outstanding transactions. Transactions linked in the Open item link feature, will not be listed.

To print Creditor remittance advises - Outstanding:

1.Select the Reports → Creditors → Outstanding menu. 

2.Select "Creditor remittance advise - Outstanding".

3.Enter or select the date of the ageing.

4.Enter the number of days to display for the periods.

5.Select the creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts to include in the Creditor remittance advises.

6.Click on the OK button.  

An example of the "Creditor remittance advise - Outstanding", is as follows:

In this example, PU000002 of 1725.00 is displayed as outstanding on the Creditor remittance advise - Outstanding, since the payment of 750.00 is linked to that purchase invoice. 

The balance of 960.00 is still outstanding on the Purchase invoice.

The information is as follows:

1.Header (Left) - Creditor Information as entered / edited on the creditor (supplier / vendor) account (Edit → Creditors).

2.Header (Right) - Company info as entered / edited on the Setup → System parameters → Company info.

3.Remittance advise to - The date as entered (selected) on the Parameters screen. The periods number of days specified on the parameters screen is displayed. The outstanding totals for each period is displayed as a summary for the periods at the end of the transaction section. 

4.Transactions - This displays the date, reference. description and amount for each transaction. The payment date for each transaction is the date of the transaction plus the number of days entered in the Due days field on the Accounting information tab of the creditor account. 

5.Credit limit - The amount as entered in the "Credit limit" field on the Accounting information tab of the creditor account. The Balance at is the current balance of the creditor account of all posted transactions and documents as at the date of printing of the Remittance advises. The Available amount is calculated the Credit limit minus the Balance at amount as at the date of printing of the Remittance advises.

6.Remittance message - Up to three (3) lines as entered on the Delivery address tab of the creditor account.

7.Due amount and Due date - The amount payable and the date on which the payment is due.