Creditor reports are those reports, which you may generate to view and manage your individual Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts. Each of the Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts is kept in the Subsidiary Ledger or the Creditor's ledger. The total outstanding amount of all your individual Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts is reflected in the Creditors control account in the General ledger. TurboCASH4 stores transactions and balances for up to two years. Creditor reports consists of two components: 

1.Creditor master files - The Address, Contact and Accounting information may be listed to view if the details of the Creditors are correct. The Information contained in the Creditor listing Report will be used to list all your master records (Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts and details). TurboCASH4 uses this information to generate labels (if you define labels for your Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts) and to reflect the Creditor Information on Age analysis, Remittance advises and Transaction reports. 

2.Financial reports - Each and every transaction (which is updated (posted) to the ledger) is reported in the Transaction reports. Transaction reports are a register of all the transactions (Purchases, Purchase returns, Payments and Adjustments) with your Creditors. In addition to the Transaction report, you may manage the ageing of your Creditor (supplier / vendor) account balances and transactions and generate Remittance advises to accompany the payments you make to your Creditors. 

The following reports are available to manage the accounts in the creditor's ledger:

1.Graph - Creditors per week - Purchases and Credit transactions, Supplier returns and Debit transactions as well as the difference per week in a bar chart.

2.Age analysis - Various age analysis reports.

3.Listing - Contacts, Listing, List delivery address, List postal address or List details, Tax and company registration numbers and the Credit control listing (Credit limit vs current balance and available balances as at the date and time of printing) report.

4.Print labels - Postal address labels and Delivery address labels.

5.Transactions - Transactions - Open item, Transactions - Standard and Transactions - Extra details.

6.Outstanding – Remittance advise, Remittance advise - Outstanding, Due date and Outstanding at date.