This option allows you to generate Remittance advises which you wish to dispatch to your creditors to inform of payments being made to them. 

The Remittance advises will display the transactions entered and posted in batches (Purchases journal, Purchase returns journal, Payments journal, etc.). If you are trading in Stock items, it will also display the transactions for Purchase and Supplier returns documents which are updated to the ledger. 

The Creditor remittance advises need to be generated at least monthly and sent to the creditors. If you have any payments by cheque you may attach the applicable cheque to the Remittance advise. This will enable the creditors to allocate the payments received by them and to reconcile your debtors account (in the creditor's books) with their accounting records. You may also receive statements from your creditors which you may reconcile with the Remittance advises or your Creditor's ledger. 

The following Creditor remittance advises are available: 

Creditor remittance advises - The statement will print all transactions. It does not use the Open item link feature.

Creditor remittance advises - Outstanding - The statement will print only the outstanding transactions. Transactions linked in the Open item link feature, will not be listed.

Before you wish to print Creditor remittance advises, you may need to check the following:

Remittance messages are entered correctly.

Banking details of your company is entered in the Setup → System parameters → Company info.

Enter statement messages for specific creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts: 

1.On the Edit menu, select Creditors (F5).

2.Select the creditor (supplier / vendor) account.

3.On the Delivery address tab, enter a message of up to 3 lines. 

4.Click on the Save button.