Customer accounts - Stock items tab

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This tab will list all the posted as well as unposted documents (i.e. invoices, credit notes and estimates) for the selected customer account.

You may click on the column headings (i.e. Date, Items, Document no., Description, Price, Discount, Unit Price, Exclusive amount, Inclusive amount, Unit size, Description (Unit), Document type, Posted, Inventory code and Inventory description) to change the sort sequence from the ascending to the descending sequence.

You may also click and drag any of the column headings to the left or right to change the sequence in which the columns are to be displayed.


0 – Invoices and Credit notes are not yet posted (updated) to the ledger.

0 – Estimates are not yet confirmed (Converted to an Invoice).

1 – Invoices and Credit notes are posted (updated) to the ledger.

1 – Estimates are confirmed (Converted to an Invoice).

-1 - Estimates which are still open.

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