Customer (Client) accounts

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You will be using this option whenever you wish to create a new customer account, change the name, contact details addresses, messages, accounting information and terms of an existing account, or to delete an existing account.

To access the Customer selection screen:

1.On the Action ribbon, select Customer (F4). TheCustomer  accounts screen is displayed:


a)New – Create a new customer account.

b)Delete – Delete remove a selected customer account.

c)Edit – Add or change the details of a selected customer account.

You may also double click on a selected customer account.

d)Save – Save any changes to a  selected customer account.

e)Cancel – Cancel will revert to the previous values. Any changes will not be saved.

f)Export - Export the view of your customer data as displayed in the list of customer accounts. Only those records matching your sort, search and filter options will be exported.

3.Search Filter

a)Filter Column -  None is the default. You may select any of the available items (columns), (e.g. Customer code, Name, Contact Person, Customer group 1, Customer group 2, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, Zip code, Telephone 1, Telephone 2, Fax, E-mail, Bank account type, Bank account no., Last invoice, Reference, Due days, Customer group 1 Sort, Customer group 2 Sort, Delivery address, Delivery address2, Delivery address 3, Delivery address Zip code, Delivery address country, X, etc.).  

b)Like – Default operator. Others that may be selected is <, >, <=, >=, <>.

c)Value – Enter the text e.g. city, telephone numbers, Zip code etc.

d)Filter button – Click to filter / search for your criteria.  

e)Clear button – Click to clear / reset the filter / search for your criteria.

f)Show Disabled - By default, this option is not selected (not ticked). Only those active (enabled) customer accounts will be listed. Select (tick) this option to include those inactive (disabled) (Account disabled field selected (ticked) on the Accounting information tab) customer accounts.  

4.Line Count – This will display the number of records (customer accounts) that is available on the list. This will display the number of records (rows / customer accounts) that matches your filter / search criteria.

5.Context menu – The following options are available:

a)Create Invoice – A new Invoice (Document entry screen) will be launched for the selected customer account.

b)Create Credit note  – A new Credit note (Document entry screen) will be launched for the selected customer account.

c)Create Estimate  – A new Estimate (Document entry screen) will be launched for the selected customer account.

d)Reports – You may print postal or delivery address labels for selected customer(s) (customer(s) / client(s)). You may also print these labels from the Reports → Customer → Print labels (Reports ribbon).

e)Customer group 1 / 2 - Change the reporting group 1 or 2.

f)Copy account - Create a new account from a selected account.

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