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The Action ribbon is used to manage the following:

Master Files – Ledger accounts (chart of accounts), customers, vendors, contacts, inventory items, appointments, tasks, etc.

Transactions - Processing of transactions in sales documents (i.e. invoices, credit notes and estimates) and purchase documents (i.e. purchases, supplier returns and orders), journals, managing open item accounts (adjust payment dates and / or process receipts / remittance advice for payments and / or refunds, etc.

Periodic Processing – Reconciliation, Repeating transactions and invoices.

Search – Search for data and print transactions and documents, etc.

Help – Access the help file, websites (forum, bug reporting, webshop), support details, etc.

The following seventeen options (17) options are available:

1.Documents - Access, process and manage sales documents (i.e. invoices, credit notes and estimates) and purchase documents (i.e. purchases, supplier returns and orders).

2.Customers - Create / edit customer accounts.

3.Vendors - Create / edit vendor accounts.

4.Inventory items - Create / edit inventory (inventory) items.

5.Journal entry - Enter and process transactions in journals.

6.Reconciliation - Reconcile transactions in payment and receipt journals (linked to a bank account) with bank statements.

7.Open item link - Process / edit links for accounts set as Open item accounts. You may also adjust the payment dates for these accounts or process a receipts or payments.

8.Contacts - Create / edit contact persons and print a list of contacts.

9.Calendar - The calendar / planner allows you to manage (schedule, add, edit, delete) events (appointments, customer appointments, vendor appointments, repeating invoices and to generate estimates / invoices for events). It also allows you to (add / edit / delete) contacts and tasks.

10.Accounts - Create, edit, delete general ledger accounts (income / expense, bank and tax accounts).

11.Update ledger - Update (post) sales documents (i.e. invoices and credit notes) and purchase documents (i.e. purchases and supplier returns) and journals to the ledger.

12.Help - Access the following eight (8) options:

a)Help - Launch the TurboCASH Help System where you may locate topics on TurboCASH.

b)About TurboCASH - View the version and release date of the program and the version of your Operating System.

c)Support - View contact information of TurboCASH or go to the Support page via the Internet.

d)Show Welcome - By default, the Welcome to TurboCASH screen displays the website. If the Welcome to TurboCASH screen is not displayed, it will launch the Welcome to TurboCASH screen.

e)Online registration - Register the TurboCASH program.

f)Forum - Please visit our Forum to find solutions or to post comments, etc.

g)Webshop - Please visit our webshop.

h)Bug report - View, search and report any bugs on our bug-tracking system at Sourceforge.

13.Edit - Access the following three (3) options:

a)Repeating transactions - Enter / edit transactions in journals of a recurring nature.

b)Repeating invoices - Generate and process invoices of an recurring nature.

c)Delete - Delete sales documents (i.e. invoices, credit notes and estimates) and purchase documents (i.e. purchases, supplier returns and orders).

14.Input - Access the following six (6) options:

a)Adjust inventory  - Access the Edit Inventory screen.

b)Confirm - Confirm and convert estimates to invoices and orders to purchases.

c)Backorders - Add, edit and delete back orders for inventory items.

d)Sales documents - Process / edit invoices, credit notes and estimates.

e)Purchase documents -  Process / edit purchases, supplier returns and orders.

f)POS Invoice - Run and manage a point-of-sales shift and process point-of-sale invoices.

15.Search - Launch the Investigator to search and filter for data in the Set of Books.  

16.Projects - By default, this option is inactive. Once project is activated, you may process transactions for projects and print project reports.

17.Workflow - To be advised.  

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