The Setup menu on the Setup ribbon tab is used to access more Setup options, which is not listed on the Setup ribbon. 


The following seven (7) options, is available:

1.Financial categories - Link your Ledger Account groups to Assets, Capital, Expenses, Income or Liabilities.

2.Backup path - Set the default backup drive and folders on your system on which you wish to create backup files or disks.

3.System parameters - Select the indicators for debit and credit, number of decimals to be displayed on reports and documents as well as the number of decimals to be stored. You may also select to display the default system currency symbol.

Select 1 of 2 methods for reconciling bank statements with the transactions in your cashbook (receipts and payments batches). If you have purchased the BankImport Plugin, you need to change the setting import the transactions from your bank statement and allocate these transactions to the accounts.

4.Internet - Configure your Internet, e-mail accounts to send reports, lists and documents via the internet or to configure a network server.

5.Point-of-Sale - Set the Point-of-Sale parameters, configure printers, peripherals, etc.

6.Currencies - You may add / edit currencies and the exchange rates. When processing documents, you may select the currency. This will automatically calculate the prices for that currency.

7.Theme - This option allows you to choose between “Classic, classic-large, material” and “material-large” themes. The “theme1” and “theme2”,  will display the icons of the “Classic” theme, but the colours of the grids will be different. You may also add your own favourite background pictures.