This toolbar allows you to quickly access the following most frequently used options without accessing the options using the menu lists.

By default, the Topbar icons will be displayed. If necessary, you may select to Show / Hide Topbar on the Tools menu.

TurboCASH4 Topbar

Moving the mouse cursor over an option will highlight that option. Clicking on that option will open a screen enabling you to perform that function. A brief description of the options follows:


Brief description

     TurboCASH4 Open Set of Books

The Open Set of Books screen will be displayed on which you need to select a Set of Books or to browse for a Set of Books on any folder on your system.

TurboCASH4 Backup / Restore

The Backup / Restore screen will be displayed on which you need to select if you wish to backup an existing Set of Books or if you wish to restore a Set of Books. You may also specify a file or folder or a disk on which to restore a Set of Books on your system.

This option should be frequently used.  Backup files should be stored in a safe place. Should you make a mistake, or your data get lost by fire, theft, etc., you can easily restore the data from a backup file.

   TurboCASH4 Batch entry

The Batch type screen will be displayed on which you need to select any of the available batches or journals in which you need to enter or capture your source documents.

     TurboCASH4 Documents

The Invoicing screen will be displayed on which you may start processing invoices. You may also select to process any of the following documents:

Sales Documents (Invoices, POS Invoices, Credit notes and Quotations).

Purchase Documents (Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders).

 TurboCASH4 Bank reconciliation

The Reconcile bank account screen will be displayed on which you need to select the bank account to reconcile with a bank statement. You also need to select the date until which you wish to reconcile and the closing balance of the bank statement.

The Bank Import Plug-in allows you to import Bank statements from a valid (supported) file format. The transactions from your bank statement will be imported into a Payments and Receipt batch. You only need to select the accounts and / or tax accounts and process the batch.

The Bank Import Plugin is licensed under a Commercial License. It is already included in the TurboCASH4 installation. To use this, you need to purchase (once-off fee) to activate the plugin.  

 TurboCASH4 Open item processing

The Open item link screen will be displayed on which you need to select if you wish to edit the links for open item debtors or creditors accounts.

You may also process Open item links for genera ledger accounts if you have set the Accounts in the Edit → Accounts menu as Yes in the "Open item link" field.

    TurboCASH4 Search

Launches the Search Investigator screen, on which you may define search criteria to search for specific data or information in a Set of Books.

    TurboCASH4 Register

This icon will only be displayed on the Topbar, if your copy of TurboCASH4 is not registered. Once you have registered TurboCASH4, and you restart the TurboCASH4 program, it will be removed from the Topbar.