This menu allows you to access the comprehensive help files, view information regarding the TurboCASH4 program and information regarding support. You may register TurboCASH4 on the Internet, Update or upgrade your TurboCASH4 program or even go directly to the TurboCASH4 support page on the Web.

To access the Help menu: 

1.Click on the Help menu. A list of the eight (8) menu options will be displayed.

TurboCASH4 - Help menu

2.Select one of the available options: 

a)Help - Launch the TurboCASH4 Help system where you may locate topics on TurboCASH4.

b)About TurboCASH4 - View the version and release date of the program and the version of your Operating System.

c)Support - View contact information of TurboCASH4 or go to the Support page via the Internet. 

d)Show welcome - View the Welcome to TurboCASH4 and other useful information and links.

e)Online registration - Register the TurboCASH4 program via the Internet.

f)Forum - Visit our Forum to find solutions or to post comments, etc. 

Welcome to the forum. 
You need to sign up, or sign in, to post on our forum!

g)Bug report - View and report any bugs on our bug tracking system at 

h)Webshop – Access the TurboCASH webpage with different options.