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To optimise Tax management using the Tax Report, it is important that your Tax codes (VAT/GST/Sales Tax codes and their respective percentages) be created correctly according to the VAT/GST/Sales Tax return and to cater for the Tax types (or blocks), you need to submit on your VAT/GST/Sales Tax return in the Edit Accounts (Tax account type) menu option.

TurboCASH Tip

It is recommended that Tax reports be printed on the Reports Tax menu.    

Only if a business is registered for VAT/GST/Sales Tax, and the Tax is selected when transactions are entered in Batches and Documents, you need to generate this report.

This Tax Report Options screen allows you to generate Tax Reports for the VAT/GST/Sales Tax or tax accounting basis on which you may be registered for VAT/GST/Sales Tax.

Print Tax reports

This option allows you to generate a tax report on all your Output VAT/GST/Sales Tax, you have charged or levied on your Sales and Input Tax you have paid on Purchases are reflected in this report. This report will reflect the details or totals for each Tax Type, and the amount of VAT/GST/Sales Tax due to/by the Tax Authorities.

To print  Tax reports:

1.Click on the Tools  → Old Reports → Tax menu.

2.The "Tax Report Options" screen is displayed:

3.Send Report To - Select the output method (screen, printer, file, e-mail or fax).

4.Select the following options:

a)Which Year - You may select This Year, or Last Year, to generate the detail transaction report.

b)Type - Select Invoiced Basis or Payments Basis as the Type of the Tax report, if your VAT/GST/Sales Tax registration certificate indicates that you are registered on the Invoiced Basis select Invoice Basis.

c)From Date ... To - Select the start date and end date (periods) which you wish to include the balances or transactions.

d)Tax Code - You may select all Tax Types or Output VAT/GST/Sales Tax, Input VAT/GST/Sales Tax - Standard rate, Input VAT/GST/Sales Tax Capital Goods, etc, as you have created for your specific circumstances.

e)Show Detail - If this box is ticked, the details of transactions will be displayed including the date, document or reference numbers, description of each transaction, the account number, the exclusive and tax amounts for each batch type where Tax was selected for each Tax Code you have created.

5.If this field is left blank only the totals for each batch type within the various Tax codes for the selected period, will be displayed.

6.Click on the OK button. The report will be sent to the medium selected in the "Send report to" field.

An example of the "Tax per period" (no details) report, is as follows:

An example of the "Tax per period" ("Show details") report, is as follows:

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