Import Stock Items

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This option will allow you to import data for Stock Items from a valid file format into an existing Set of Books. To be able to import the data for Stock Items, you need to have created a valid XML Database File format or a valid Lotus Spreadsheet file format on your system in the Tools → Export menu.

To Import Stock Data into TurboCASH: 

1.Click on the Tools → Import menu. The Import Data into TurboCASH screen is displayed:

2.Select Stock as the Data Type to Import, if not already displayed.

3.Select one of the following file types in which the data to import, is saved on your system:

a)TurboCASH Exchange File (*.TXF)

b)XML Database File (*.XML)

c)Lotus Spreadsheet File (*.WK1)

4.Click on the button to locate the data file. The following screen is displayed:

5.Click on the button to locate the data file.

6.Click on the button. The following screen is displayed:

7.Click on the Import button. The Import Check screen is displayed:

8.The values of the data in the Import Check screen, is as follows:


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