If you need to import stock items it is recommended that you first create an export file of the data for your stock items in the Tools → Export menu. 

You may then import the data of your stock items in the Tools → Import menu.   

You may also export or import stock items as a tab delimited text file from the following options: 

TurboCASH4 - Export / Import stock items options

You may use the filter options on the stock items list screen, to export the stock items that matches your filter criteria. 

Once the text file is saved, you need to launch your spreadsheet application i.e Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Ultra Office, etc. 

To open the exported stock items text file in a spreadsheet:

On your spreadsheet application, open the saved stock items text (*.txt) file and confirm your tab delimited settings. 

TurboCASH4 - Export stock items - Spreadsheet text import options

This will open your stock items in a spreadsheet. 

TurboCASH4 - Export stock items -spreadsheet