Change Stock Quantites

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Quantities on Hand may be changed on the Stock Edit form; or on the Stock Item list screen. You will be prompted to enter a remark (reason / note) for changing the stock quantity on hand.

If you change the Quantity on Hand in the Stock Edit form, and you click on the Save button, the following confirmation screen is displayed:

If you click on the Yes button, the Stock Quantity on Hand value will not be changed. It will revert to the old values.

To change the value with the new one entered in the  Stock Quantity on Hand field, you need to click on the No button.

If you change the values of the stock quantity on hand in the On Hand column of the Stock list screen, the above Confirmation screen will not be displayed.

Once you have entered (changed the Stock on Hand quantity, the following Change remark screen is displayed:

Enter a remark (comment) and click on the OK button. The following Information screen may be displayed:

Click on the OK button.

The remark as entered on the Change remark screen will be displayed in the Document Groups and Transaction tabs of the stock item:

Document Groups


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