To enter Repeating transactions:  

1.On the Edit menu, select Repeating transactions

TurboCASH4 Select Repeating transaction batch type

The  Debit and Credit totals will not be displayed. These totals are only displayed if the Batch type selection screen is launched from the Input → Batch entry (F2). 

2.Select the batch type e.g. General  jnl and click Open.

3.Click on the F10:Setup icon to set your batch up, and click on the OK button.

4.Enter repeating transactions.

TurboCASH4 Enter Repeating transactions

To indicate that you have selected a Repeating batch or journal, note the following:

***Repeating transactions*** is displayed after the name of the batch type. 

No alias for the batch will be displayed in the screen heading (title bar). 

F6:Post - Disabled since you cannot post repeating transactions.

5.Click on the F5:Balance icon to balance the batch. 

6.Click on the F8:List icon to print a list of the transactions in the batch.

7.Press the Esc key to exit this repeating batch.