All source documents such as receipts, cheque counterfoils, etc. are entered in their respective batches or books of prime entry.

To enter or capture data in a batch consists basically of 7 easy steps, once you have selected the required batch:

1.Set the options or defaults for the batch. (You only need to set the options once, unless your requirements change).

2.Enter the alias (name for the batch). (This will help you to identify the batches when generating batch type reports, export / import posted batches, etc.).

3.Select whether you wish your transactions to be inclusive or exclusive of VAT/GST/Sales tax (If you do not use VAT/GST/Sales tax, you may ignore this option). If no Tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax) is applicable to all of the transactions in the batch, you may hide the Tax column and the Tax lookup facility in the Batch Setup.

4.Enter the transactions in the batch. (“Capture” the data).

5.Balance the batch.

6.List the batch and retain the batch listing with your source documents.

7.Post the batch to the ledger.

TurboCASH4 allows you to enter or capture your transactions whenever you wish. You may capture the transactions on a daily basis and exit the batch screen without posting the batch to the ledger before proceeding to steps 5 and 6. The data will not be lost.