Creditor balances to date (Payments Batches)

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You may use this option to import all Creditor accounts with outstanding balances as at the specified date. The transactions will automatically be imported into the Payments Journal.

This option can only be selected from the Payments Journal type linked to a Bank account and is not available in any other batch type or journal type.

Once the transactions are listed in the Payments Journal, you may edit the amounts, delete any of the transactions for Creditor accounts, you do not wish to pay at this stage.

Finally you need to replace the references as generated by TurboCASH in the Reference field of the batch (journal) with the cheque numbers or electronic payment reference numbers for each payment. This is of utmost importance, since these reference numbers must be correct with those that will appear on your bank statement.

To Generate Transactions in the Payments Journal for Creditor Account Balances as at a specified date:

1.Click on the Batch Entry icon, or click on the Input → Batch Entry menu.


The Batch Type Selection screen will be displayed.

2.Select the Payments Journal Batch Type.

Should you have more than one Bank account, you need to make sure that you select the correct Payments Journal for the Bank account from which you are going to issue the cheques for the payments to the creditors.

3.Click on the Open button. The Batch Entry Transaction screen for the selected Payments Journal will be displayed.

4.Enter the Alias (Batch Name) and press

5.The Process the batch options screen will be displayed.

6.Select the Creditor balances at date option, and click on the OK button. The Get Date Report Value screen is displayed:

7.Enter or select the date for which you need to process payments for Creditor accounts with outstanding balances.

8.Click on the OK button. All Creditor accounts with outstanding balances will be imported into the Payments Journal:

9.Delete Line 1 

10.Edit or change the amounts, if necessary. You may also delete transactions for Creditor accounts you do not wish to pay at this stage.

11.Once finished, change the reference number, as generated by TurboCASH, with your own reference numbers (e.g. cheque number or electronic payment reference as it would appear on your bank statements).

Once you have finished entering / editing the transactions in the Payments Journal you need to: -

1.Balance the batch.

2.List the batch.

3.Post the batch.

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