Normally you would write out a receipt in a receipt book, and then enter the details of the hand-written receipt in the receipt batch.

You may create a receipt from a receipt batch, print it out and hand it to a customer or the party from which you have received payment. A receipt will automatically be generated and the transaction for the receipt will automatically be entered in the selected Receipts journal.

To create a receipt:

1.Click on the Batch entry icon, or click on the Input → Batch entry (F2) menu.

2.Select the Receipts batch type (journal).

Should you have more than one Bank account, you need to make sure that you select the correct Receipts journal for the Bank account into which you are going to deposit the payment received.

3.Click on the Open button. The Batch entry transaction screen for the selected Receipts journal will be displayed.

4.Enter the Alias (batch name) and press the Enter key. 

5.Click on the F9: Process icon. The Process the batch options screen will be displayed.

6.Select the Create receipts option, and click on the OK button. The "Receipts options" screen is displayed:

TurboCASH4 Create receipts

7.Enter and Select the following options:

a)Account - Select the Account to which you wish to allocate the moneys received from the Accounts lookup facility. Usually it would be a Debtor (customer / client) account for which the money is received. In some cases, it may also be a ledger account to be credited with the moneys received for cash (e.g. Sale of a Fixed asset for cash).

b)Date - Enter the date or select the date using the date picker. The Windows Operating System date will automatically be displayed in the "Date" field.

c)Description - Enter the description, which you wish to be displayed on the receipt, as well as on the details of reports and on the debtor statements if applicable.

d)Amount - Enter the amount in figures. You may enter up to Nine billion, nine hundred and ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine (Rands or Pounds or Dollars) and ninety nine cents in this field (9 999 999 999,99).

e)Payment method - Select the payment method Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Other.

f)Print out - Select to print out or not to print the receipt in the "Print out" field. If this field is left blank, no receipt will be printed, but the details of the receipt will generate a transaction in the batch entry screen.

g)Send report to - Select Screen, Printer, File, E-mail or Fax to generate the receipt.

h)Copies - Not implemented - the receipt will automatically be printed in duplicate (twice).

8.Click on the OK button. An example of the printed receipt, is as follows:

TurboCASH4 Printed receipt

To display the amount in words correctly on receipts, where the rules are different than in English or other languages, you need to select the Dutch text numbering option on the Setup → Preferences → System parameters  menu.

9.The transaction for the receipt will automatically be inserted into the Receipts journal from which this option was initiated. An example is as follows:

TurboCASH4 Create receipts batch transaction

10.Change the receipt number in the "Reference" field to the deposit number on which the receipt is deposited. 

It is important to use the deposit number as reference number. If this is not done, you may find difficulties when matching the bank statement with the transactions in the Receipts journal when you finalise the bank reconciliation.

Once you have finished entering / editing the transactions in the Receipts journal you need to: - 

1.Balance the batch.

2.List the batch.

3.Post the batch.