Reverse posted journal / document

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This feature allows you to reverse or cancel the transactions entered or imported into journals, and or a selected document, which have already been updated (posted) to the ledger.

Reverse posted journal - The transactions entered or imported in journals which are already updated (posted) to the ledger, may be reversed or canceled. This option will cancel all the transactions already updated (posted) to the ledger, remove it from the transaction file, and import the transactions to the selected journal. You may then erase or delete the entire journal as well as the transactions, edit or correct the transactions, balance the journal, print the journal list and post it to the ledger.

Reverse posted document - The documents as well as any transactions generated by the documents (invoices and credit notes, purchase documents and supplier returns documents) when the documents were updated (posted) to the ledger, will be reversed or canceled. The selected reversed document will be available as an unposted document. You may then edit the document in  Action Documents and then post (update) it to the ledger. If you do not need to update (post) the document to the ledger, you may delete the document in Action → Edit → Delete → Documents.

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