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If you wish to create the Option item and Option item (no inventory) inventory types, you may select items that are a combination of options (like color and size) options.

These options are then linked to the Options inventory item type (Action → Inventory items). When processing documents, the available options (options list) will be launched from the quantity fields when selecting documents.

The Options with inventory allows every entry to have a sales price, cost price, quantity and minimum inventory level. This will also be used in generating purchases on supplier 1.

See Documents Invoice Option Items

To create / add Options for option items:

1.On the Setup ribbon, selectInventory  information. The Inventory information screen will be displayed.

2.Click on the Setup Options button. The Setup options screen is displayed:

3.Click on the (Add) button. A record number will automatically be assigned. Enter the name for the Option, e.g. Portion, Colour, Size, etc.

4.Double-click on the item to add the list of options and the extra prices. This may be the size, colors etc. The selling price of the first option (default option) should be zero, as this is the default selling price of the inventory item to which this is linked. The extra prices for the other options (on the options list) are the extra prices to be added to the inventory items default selling price.

5.Once finished with the options list, click on the OK button to save the list.

6.Close the Setup Options screen (click Close button on the title bar).

7.Close the Inventory information screen and return to the Action → Inventory items screen. You may then link this option on the Options tab of the Inventory item.

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