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These options allows you to locate or find specific inventory items on the fly.


You may enter or search for a inventory item

Item code - enter a valid item code.

Description - Enter a description or part of the description.

Extra description - Enter a extra description or part of the extra description.

Reporting group 1 / 2 - All inventory item groups as set in Groups (Setup ribbon) will be listed. Select (tick) to list only those inventory items.

Vendor - If preferred suppliers is selected on inventory items, you may lookup a vendor to view only those inventory items linked to a supplier.

Column headings

All the data for each of your inventory items are listed in columns. To view change the sequence in which the data is displayed, you may:

Scroll bars - Scroll to the right or to the left on the horizontal scroll bar to view the information.

Sequence of rows - Click on any of the column headings to change the sorting sequence of the documents listed in the descending or ascending sequence.

Sequence of columns - Click on a column heading and drag it to the right or to the left to change the sequence in which the columns need to be displayed.

The "Line count" will show the number of records (inventory items) that matches your search or filter criteria.  

You may also search for inventory items in the Investigator screen (Setup → Search).  

The column headings are grouped into three (3) bands: 

Left - Click on a column and drag the column to the desired position.

Data - You may also drag it to the right band or to the left band.

Right - By default this band is empty. Any number of columns can be dragged to that band.

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