Journal transactions per period (Reports menu)

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You may print the journal entry reports to check your journal entries of posted journal transactions and posted documents (i.e. invoices, credit notes, purchase and supplier return documents) for the selected journal type.

This report will display the Journal No., Date, Reference, Description, Account, Contra account, Tax account, Tax Amount, Debit and Credit transaction amounts (inclusive of Tax (VAT/GST/Sales Tax) and totals for each amount column.  

It is recommended that these journal entry reports may be printed and archived (PDF) for record and audit purposes.

To print Journal entry reports:

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Journal entry.

2.Select "Journal transactions per period", if not already selected.

3.Select the following:

a)Period - Select the period on the Per period tab. You may click on the Free selection tab to select a specific date or a range of dates.

b)Journal entry - Select the journal type from the list.

c)Show Balancing Entries - By default, this option is not selected. It will only list the transactions entered into journals and / or the totals of documents and totals for each amount column. If this option is selected, it will list all the balancing entries.  

d)Each Period Separately - Select this option to print each period on a new page.

4.Click on the OK button.

An example of the Journal entry (no balancing entries) report, is as follows:

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