Whenever you close the "Report manager designer" screen, after editing your report, remember save the report. If you click on No, on the "Save report?" confirmation message, your changes will be discarded (lost).

Once the report is saved, it is recommended that you check the report. 

To do this you may use the Print preview button on the Report man screen. 

You may add your own reports to the User reports menu. You may then proceed to print your report(s) from the User reports menu (Reports ribbon).

To add the report to the User reports menu:

1.On the "Report man" screen, select your report.


2.Click on the Explorer folder button.


3.In the Explorer folder where your reports are located, select and copy both files (e.g. "Copy of report.dfm" and "Copy of report.rep") (if parameters were created for the report as in this example).

4.Navigate to the userreports folder in the Explorer folder and create a new folder (e.g. "My reports") to add a menu item to User reports menu.

5.Paste the selected files inside your folder (e.g. "My reports") inside the .../plugins/reports/userreports folder.


6.Close and restart TurboCASH5. Open a Set of Books and click on the Reports ribbon. This will reload the reports. 

7.Click on User reports. Your new report will be available and ready to print.