Unposted documents may be edited before a document is posted to the ledger.  

Once a document is posted (updated) to the ledger, the document cannot be edited. You may access a posted document by double clicking on it ("Document list" screen).

For example; it may happen sometimes that a debtor (customer / client), relocates and still have outstanding invoices with the incorrect (old) address. The "Adjustment" option (on the Documents context menu allows you to edit the document header of a posted document. 

You may edit specific fields, such as the reference in the "Your reference" field, "Postal address", Contactperson, "Delivery address" and "Messages" in the Document header. 

The "Tax reference" field may also be edited. 

These changes will be reflected on the document layout files, when you print or reprint the document. 

You may change the Salesperson or Document groups Reporting group1 and / or Reporting group 2. Salesperson and Document groups may also be changed on the context menu. 

To adjust posted documents:

1.Select the document type, i.e. Invoices, Credit notes, Purchases or Supplier returns.

2.Select "Posted" to list only the posted documents for the selected document type. 

3.Find and select the posted document to adjust. 

4.Right-click and select Documents Adjustment option on the context menu.  In this example, a posted Invoice is launched:


5.Enter or change (edit) the fields in the document header section, as required.

6.Click on the OK button to save your changes. 

When you print or reprint the adjusted document the changes will be reflected in the document layout file. 

If the Postal address, Delivery address, Contactperson and / or Tax reference changes are of a permanent nature, it is recommended that the Debtor (customer / client) account; or the Creditor (supplier / vendor) account be edited.