You will be using this option whenever you wish to create a new creditor (supplier / vendor) account, change the name, contact details addresses, messages, accounting information and terms of an existing account, or to delete an existing account.

To access the Creditor selection screen:

1.Click on the Creditors button on the Sidebar (Quick menu), or click on the Edit → Creditors (F4) menu. TurboCASH4 - Creditor accountsOpen Set of BooksBackup / RestoreBatch entryDocumentsBank reconciliationOpen item linkSearchRegisterDebtorsCreditor address labelsChange creditor groupsStockCalendarDocumentsLedger analyserExport / Import creditor accountsDelete creditor accountsEdit creditor accountsPurchasesOrdersSupplier returnsFile menuEdit menuInput menuReports menuUser reports menuSetup menuTools menuHelp menu

2.Sidebar – The following buttons (quick links) are available:

a)Purchases – Quick link to the Input → Documents → Purchases menu.

b)Orders – Quick link to the Input → Documents → Orders menu.

c)Supplier returns – Quick link to the Input → Documents → Supplier returns menu.


a)New – Create a new creditor (supplier / vendor) account.

b)Delete – Delete remove a selected creditor (supplier / vendor) account.

c)Edit – Add or change the details of a selected creditor (supplier / vendor) account.

You may also double click on a selected creditor (supplier / vendor) account.

d)Save – Save any changes to a selected creditor (supplier / vendor) account.

e)Cancel – Cancel will revert to the previous values. Any changes will not be saved.

4.Line count – This will display the number of records (creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts) that is available on the list. This will display the number of records (rows / creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts) that matches your filter / search criteria.

5.Search filter

a)Filter column -  None is the default. You may select any of the twenty-seven (27) columns (i.e. Creditor Code, Name, Contactperson, Creditor Group 1, Creditor Group 2, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, Postal code, Telephone 1, Telephone 2, Fax, E-mail, Bank account type, Bank account no., Last invoice, Reference, Due days, Creditor Group 1 Sort, Creditor Group 2 Sort, Delivery address, Delivery Address2, Delivery address 3, Delivery address Postal code, Delivery address Country,  X.

b)Like – Default operator. Others that may be selected is <, >, <=, >=, <>.

c)Value – Enter the text e.g. city, telephone numbers, postal code etc.

d)Search button – Click to filter / search for your criteria.  

e)Search button – Click to clear / reset the filter / search for your criteria.

6.Context-menu – The following options are available:

a)Reports – Print the postal or delivery address labels of selected creditor (supplier / vendor) account(s). 

b)Creditor group 1 / 2 - Change the creditor group (if set on the Setup → System parameters → Groups menu).