The Tax report (Reports → Tax) does not include the Sales journal. It only includes Sales documents (i.e. Invoices an Credit notes). Transactions on other Batch types may cause similar errors.  

The reason for this, is the "Consolidate balancing" option on the Standard tab - F10:Setup on the "Options for this batch" screen. When setting up the batch, an information message  "Consolidating lines and using tax will mess up your tax report! Please make sure you do not use tax or do not consolidate lines!" will be displayed.

Click on the OK button and click on the F10:Setup icon and deselect (remove the tick) from the "Consolidate balancing" field on the Standard tab of the "Options for this batch" screen. 

Balance the batch again.

You may print the Tax per period to check your tax transactions of posted batch transactions and posted documents (i.e. invoices, credit notes, purchase and supplier return documents).  

The Tax excluded and Tax amount in the Report total of the Tax report - Reference / Document no. report, should balance with the Total - Output tax – Input tax of the Tax per period report, if the same periods are selected.

TurboCASH Tip

It is recommended that these tax reports are printed and archived (PDF) for record and audit purposes.

To print Tax per period reports

1.Select the Reports → Tax menu. 

2.Select "Tax per period" report, if not already selected.

TurboCASH4 - Tax per period report options VAT/GST/Sales tax

3.Select the following:

a)Period - Select the period on the Per period tab. You may click on the Free selection tab to select a specific date or a range of dates.

b)Show details - By default, this option is not selected. It will only list the totals exclusive of Tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax) for each tax code. If this option is selected, it will list all transactions and documents including the account code, account description, country and tax reference of the debtor or creditor account (if applicable). 

c)Show tax separately - Select this option to print each tax code on a new page. 

It is recommended that this option is only selected if the "Show details" option is selected.

4.Click on the OK button. 

An example of the "Tax per period" (no details) report, is as follows:

TurboCASH4 - Tax per period report printed VAT/GST/Sales tax

An example of the "Tax per period" ("Show details" and "Show tax separately") report, is as follows:

Page 1 - Output tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax) - 15%

TurboCASH4 Tax per period report printed Output tax VAT/GST/Sales tax

Page 2 - Input tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax) - Standard rate - 15%

TurboCASH4 Tax per period report printed Input tax standard rate VAT/GST/Sales tax

Page 3 - Input tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax) - Capital goods - 15%

TurboCASH4 Tax per period report printed Input tax capital goods rate VAT/GST/Sales tax